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I started sewing in 1967 when there was home economics in school.
I kept sewing through out the years.
I’ve done clothes for every family member, wedding attire, household items, bedroom linen sets, comforters and even upholstered the inside of a camper. colorado springs sewing class
My experience is wide and varied, if you can think it, I’ve probably made it. In 2012 I decided to share my experience with others and started teaching what I’ve learned over the years. I reside here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, becoming a certified teacher and teaching sewing classes. I teach pattern sewing that consist of seven levels ranging from the simplest elastic waist skirt to a tailored jacket.


Sewing Levels

level one: elastic waist skirt
level two: waist band skirt with zipper and darts
level three: a puffed sleeved blouse
level four: a jumper
level five: pants or shorts
level six: tailored blouse
level seven: tailored jacket
This program teaches you a skill, not just a project.
You will learn a lot of short cuts after you have mastered the sewing machine.
You will learn everything about a pattern, material, notions and all things sewing.
You will learn not to fear the sewing machine even if you’ve never sewed before.
You will find out that the sewing machine is really your bff.
Yes this is addictive but it wont make you fat.

Colorado Springs Sewing Classes



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